Unleash the Power of Your Commercial Real Estate Data | On-Demand Webinar

Discover how breaking down commercial real estate data silos can help create smarter buildings that are more efficient, more sustainable, and provide a better work environment.

Unlocking potential of smart buildings webinar

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Unlock the Potential of Commercial Real Estate Data

In this webinar, led by our expert Billal Vindhani, we share insights into how a connected platform approach connects the dots, supporting you to

  • transition to outcome-based facility management
  • successfully manage a hybrid workplace
  • achieve sustainability and meet net-zero goals

Connecting the Dots by Breaking Down Data Silos

Toughening ESG requirements are forcing companies to look closer at their environmental and social impacts. With the built environment contributing around 40% of worldwide CO2 emissions – 27% if you zoom in on the manage & operations phase – it’s clear that facilities management has an essential role to play in setting and meeting ESG goals. And that the sector is not doing nearly enough. Whereas businesses that embrace ESG can see the fruits of their efforts by becoming more attractive to investors, customers, and prospective employees.

Next to ESG compliance, the hybrid work model also brings new challenges for building and facility management. Such as managing variable occupancy, optimizing the office footprint and configuration, and dealing with increased unpredictability. Or providing dynamic responses to employee needs in a fluid environment.

Energy efficiency, space efficiency, long-term sustainable maintenance, health and well-being, workplace experience… these are all connected. Yet, these issues are often dealt with in isolation rather than in context. Companies that are looking to thrive in the post-pandemic era need to take a more holistic approach. They must break down the data silos across facilities, maintenance, space, energy, indoor climate, workplace, assets and ESG.

With this talk we aim to demonstrate how FMs can leverage commercial real estate data for a successful future workplace strategy, and which are the technology enablers for this.

This Session Will Help and Inspire You to

  • Shift your mindset from ‘control’ to ‘enablement’
  • Optimize your spaces and portfolio
  • Enable new, people-centered scenarios that drive employee autonomy, engagement, well-being, and productivity
  • Facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders in the building value chain
  • Transition from a reactive approach to a proactive and results-oriented approach


Billal Vindhani

Billal Vindhani

Spacewell Country Manager UK & Ireland

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