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The perfect software for sustainable property maintenance

Spacewell’s property maintenance software is a comprehensive solution for organizations of all sizes to improve their maintenance planning & operations, cut costs and remain compliant with regulations.

Why property maintenance software?

Balance current workloads and plan for the future with a digital platform that helps to manage all of your property maintenance needs in one place.

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Your long-term maintenance costs to ensure best allocation of your maintenance resources


Current and future service requests to keep your organization running smoothly


Costly inefficiencies related to preventable downtime or facility disruption


Compliance and safety with an up-to-date overview of building certificates

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Building Maintenance Planning

Develop a long-term maintenance plan that aligns with your company’s business goals and budgets.

Create and manage budgets by referring to a comprehensive list of property maintenance activities and related costs. Additionally, you can prioritize the tasks according to the asset’s condition, importance, urgency and effect on business operations.

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Maintenance Management

Streamline day-to-day operations by enabling teams to easily create and manage property maintenance work orders.

Take the hassle out of managing maintenance tasks – assign, track, and report on them. Avoid costly downtime by proactively scheduling maintenance activities before problems arise. And store all supplier, contract, and other related information in one central location for easy access.

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Stay up-to-date and ensure compliance with all applicable building safety and maintenance regulations.

The software offers an intuitive interface to streamline the management of compliance-related activities. This includes tracking permits, licenses, and certifications, and generating compliance reports.

What Others Say

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MTR Nordic relies on Spacewell to organize work in the stations, including inspection rounds, planning & tracking of operations & collection of energy management data

Stockholm commuter railway and subway management company

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The user interface is intuitive and the system can easily be extended with numerous fields

UMC Utrecht
University Hospital

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Spacewell enables us to assign and carry out work orders much more effectively. Our daily activities have been significantly improved as a result

Operator of parking garages

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