Cobundu smart building platform

Spacewell’s smart building technology platform Cobundu assists users in real-time and helps improve comfort, space, and resource usage. Building users love it for the intuitive interaction and personal assistance it provides. And building managers, occupiers, and service providers love it for its fast ROI through increased efficiencies and data-led insights.

Three Cobundu product lines, one goal: help you get the most out of your buildings

Cobundu Monitor

Building utilization & ambient conditions


Occupancy, utilization


Social distancing

Air Quality

Temperature, humidity, CO2, TVOC, air pressure, radon

Cobundu Assist

Employees and visitors

Real-time guidance

Wayfinding, locate people, availability, crowdedness


Rooms, workspaces, tickets

Personalized experience

Recommendations, community feedback

Cobundu Transform

Services & way of working

Cleaning & facility services

Dynamic servicing, mobile work & safety instructions

Hospitality services

Real-time response, guidance on digital floor plans

Workplace concepts

Activity-based, capacity planning, redesign

Cobundu uses only the best sensors

Spacewell’s Cobundu platform is sensor & BMS neutral. We guarantee the best selection of certified sensors/BMS connectors and constantly certify sensor vendors and data platforms based on a strict certification program. Newly certified vendors are added to our platform and can apply to become a reseller for Cobundu. We also invest in new technologies and research the future of IoT sensors with our certified partners.


Monitor building performance with Cobundu

Get a grip on the performance of buildings by monitoring the use of space, the indoor climate and the behavior of the occupants towards social distancing

Space Monitor

Space Monitor

We monitor the use of all space types, including rooms, seats, toilet areas, corridors, and parking spaces. This data is shown in real-time and over time through clickable dashboards enabling drill-down data analysis

  • Monitor occupancy and utilization in real-time
  • Connect your BMS or install IoT sensors
  • Get real insights into your data, rather than flat reports
  • Drill through the data with clickable dashboards
  • Advanced benchmarking and analysis capabilities
Cobundu Social Distancing Monitor

Social Distance Monitor

Report on the application of social distancing measures and understand where most deviations occur. View the evolution over time and aim to become fully compliant.

  • Real-time visualization of the utilization of every sqm/sqf
  • Compliance reporting
  • Social distance Index as a scoring mechanism
  • Clickable dashboards for data analysis
Oportunity Simulator

Opportunity Simulator

How to decide how much space you will still need after the pandemic? Make data your ally! Run different space saving simulations and get a clear idea of your potential financial savings with the Opportunity Simulator, which combines your occupancy data with best-practice benchmarking data.

  • Leverage reliable occupancy data from Space Monitor
  • Run different scenarios and evaluate your savings potential
  • Adjust your space mix (workstations, collaboration and concentration spaces)
  • Get expert advice on how to optimize your space
Comfort Monitor

Comfort Monitor

Measure and analyse thermal comfort to improve the indoor climate and people’s sense of well-being:

  • Monitor temperature and humidity
  • Connect your BMS or install IoT sensors
  • Get real insights into your data, rather than flat reports
  • Drill through the data with clickable dashboards
  • Advanced benchmarking and analysis capabilities
Cobundu Air Quality Monitor

Air Quality MonitorSocial Distance Monitor

Measure and analyse indoor air quality to improve energy efficiency, space occupancy, and the motivation, health and productivity of your employees. A healthy indoor climate also lowers absenteeism.

  • Monitoring of CO2, TVOC, air pressure & radon
  • Industry-standard reports
  • Steer the BMS to ensure activity-based air quality
  • Ensure healthy airflow in closed spaces
  • Increase the productivity of employees


Fully experience the workplace and all its services. Assist employees at different levels, from booking a room and requesting services to ordering catering. The app runs on four different touchpoints: a mobile app, a large-screen kiosk, a room display and embedded in Outlook, all perfectly synced with each other.

Cobundu Personal Assistant Screenshot

Workplace app

In an increasingly mobile world, people expect full functionality at the tip of their fingers. That’s exactly what your employees can expect from the Workplace mobile app.

  • Configurable home screen with cards
  • Highly configurable ticketing & booking capabilities
  • Floor maps including amenities, walking directions, desks, and rooms
  • Find Co-workers
  • Real-time occupancy data
  • Order equipment and catering
Cobundu Kiosk Screenshot


Get a real-time view of the use of the workplace on our large-screen interactive kiosk. The kiosk shows all floors and recommends  suitable spaces based on crowdedness. You can book rooms, seats and other services directly from the screen. The occupancy and comfort levels of the rooms are shown in real-time.

  • Search and book like a pro
  • Get recommendations
  • Request services
  • Locate coworkers
  • Find your comfort spot
Cobundu-Room Display

Room Display

Ideal for short-notice booking of space and service tickets. Equipped with clearly visible coloured LEDs, these touchscreens eliminate ghost meeting and wasted resources.

  • Shows the room status at a glance
  • Enables instant booking
  • Your can tailor the interface with your company brand
  • Provides multiple ways for user identification
  • You can push side content to the screensaver
Cobundu Outlook Screenshot


You can stay within your trusted Outlook environment with the Outlook add-in and use all the capabilities of the apps within the Outlook application.

  • Live floor plans in Outlook
  • Find the perfect match based on your calendar invite
  • Supports extra search criteria
Cobundu Device Manager Screenshot

Device Manager

Managing Kiosk and Room Display devices in the office should not involve touching the physical devices anymore. With safety and convenience in mind, Device Manager allows you to remotely configure kiosks and room displays.

  • Control apps and devices remotely
  • Get live views of device health
  • Improve app performance
  • Create themes and profiles
  • Upgrade apps remotely


Improve the quality and reactiveness of maintenance, FM, and hospitality services by guiding FM staff and field engineers with their own personal Work Assistant app. Transform the workplace in an environment that fully supports the core activities of the company.

Cobundu Work Assistant Screenshot

Work Assistant

Support the facilities team with a virtual Work Assistant, combining scheduled tasks with service requests and sensor-triggered interventions, all neatly prioritized and displayed on floor plans to streamline the everyday chaos of facility services.

  • Facilitate dynamic, activity-based service delivery
  • Steer cleaning, catering, IT or small repairs using 1 intuitive app
  • Easily onboard new staff using the in-app work instructions
  • Benefit from real-time tasks and triggers from IoT sensors
Cobundu Work Manager Screenshot

Work Manager

With a handy mobile app, neatly arranging scheduled work, emergencies and triggered alerts, technicians can efficiently manage work orders on the go and complete tasks faster and better.

  • Intuitive user interface with pictures, geo-map, lists & calendar
  • You can continue to work offline if you lose the internet connection
  • Interactive checklists for in-field task guidance and quality control
  • Start-stop timer and simple logging of consumption of materials
  • Fast access to equipment data (incl. full maintenance history) and related documents
Cobundu - Workplace Doctor

Transform workplace concepts

Our experts in workplace transformation provide consultancy on a tactical & strategic level. They diagnose the workplace, analyse the data and present remediation initiatives for a smart, healthy and dynamic workplace

  • Insights as a service
  • Data analytics & benchmarking
  • Workplace transformation study

Cobundu: your future-ready, scalable solution

Join thousands of users and get access to dashboards, recommendations, mobile apps for employees and facilities staff. Empower your entire team and let the building work for you. The ultimate building experience awaits.

Fast ROI

We’ve been right on the money since the start, bringing saving opportunities within the first months

Unlimited users

Don’t worry about paying per user, access is for everyone

100% SAAS

Relax and benefit from continuous updates with zero charges for maintenance

Scalable price

Start small & dream big: volume-based pricing allows you to grow at your own pace

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