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Workplace Analytics Software

In today’s hybrid workplace, facility leaders need fast, accurate data to make informed, strategic decisions. Our Workplace Analytics software provides the dynamic insights you need.

Why Workplace Analytics Software?

Why Workplace Analytics Software?

Gain insight into the performance of your building to identify underutilized spaces, save on rent, energy and cleaning, and ensure a healthy, productive work environment.

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Occupancy Intelligence

Get a detailed view of space occupancy and utilization

Dynamic Dashboards

Get unparalleled insights and drill-down functionality

Certified Sensors

Take advantage of the best IoT sensors available on the market

Simple Connectivity

Benefit from Open REST APIs to connect to other applications

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Space Monitoring

By capturing utilization data and using workplace analytics and visualization, companies can gain a true understanding of how the work environment performs.

Our digital floor plans and dynamic dashboards give you an instant view of organization-wide space occupancy and utilization patterns and trends.

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring

By monitoring the air quality in individual rooms and spaces, building managers can understand which areas have poor ambient conditions.

We continuously measure variables such as temperature, relative humidity, CO2 levels, VOCs, and more. And we visualize the data on floor plans and dashboards.

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Space Optimization

Our Workplace Analytics software supports you to right-size your office space and save costs by reducing your footprint or accommodating more people in an existing space.

You can maximize space efficiency, while at the same time improving the employee experience by creating the right mix of workstations, collaboration areas and concentration spaces.

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Apps that Elevate the Workplace Experience

Smartphone apps and other touchscreens display live utilization data to support the daily activities of employees and service crews.

Employees can find and book spaces based on real-time availability, while the FM staff can redirect their efforts based on actual usage.

Colleagues in office hallway discussing Worplace Experience
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Workplace Sensors

Certified sensors, accurate data

Good decisions depend on accurate data. Spacewell is sensor and BMS-neutral. We select and certify only the best sensors available on the market to provide the most relevant & reliable data possible. We are your one-stop shop to implement the right workplace sensors and other data points.

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Integrates With Your Other Company Tools

Easily export the processed and clean data for any selected period and location to a reporting tool of your choice. Log in as a developer and get access to our open REST APIs to connect with your corporate BI and analytics tools.

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The perfect solution to create a high-performing workplace

Workplace Analytics is Part of Spacewell Workplace

The Workplace Analytics software module plugs into a comprehensive Workplace platform, with two more modules.

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Workplace Management

Efficient workflows and IoT data for smarter workplace management

Workpress Experience

Workplace Experience

The perfect tool to create an empowered worker experience

What Others Say

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“I was surprised by the low occupancy rate while the perception was that we didn’t have enough space. Sensor-based space monitoring demonstrated incorrect use of the flex workplace, rather than a lack of space.”

Sam Dils
Facilities Associate Manager and Health and Safety Lead, Accenture Belgium

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“We gear the building to the staff. We measure the use of the workstations and meeting rooms via IoT.”

Raf Boterdaele
Former Head of Building & Facilities Management, AXA Belgium

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