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Workplace Experience Software

In today’s distributed workplace, your employees need digital tools to connect to each other, their spaces and available services. Our Workplace Experience software empowers them to navigate the workplace with ease.

Why Workplace Experience software?

Why Workplace Experience software?

Create a human-centric workplace with smart technology that makes it easy to navigate an agile workplace, facilitates collaboration, and lets employees do their best work.

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Seamless journey

Flexibly plan your workday, book spaces, and find colleagues, all from your smartphone

Intuitive navigation

Navigate the workplace on your own terms, via interactive floor plans in real-time

Sensor data

See up-to-date utilization, thermal comfort and air quality data from sensors

Multiple touchpoints

Access information via your smartphone app, web portal, and various touchscreens

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Enjoy Hassle-Free Booking!

Easily book desks, rooms, and parking spaces. The software provides multiple filters to refine search results, shows availability in real-time, and can even cancel reservations if spaces stay empty.

Occupants have multiple touchpoints available to find and book free spaces: a web portal, mobile app, large kiosk touchscreens,  interactive room panels, and even QR codes to claim a desk on the spot.

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Streamline Your Visitors’ Check-in Process

With our Workplace Experience software visitors can announce themselves, check in & out quickly, and print badges.

Enter the visitor information in the system and simply add visitors to your meeting reservation.

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Facilitate Collaboration With Group Space Bookings

Create office neighborhoods to enable team members to work in close proximity to each other, with easy access to the amenities they need.

Additionally, employees can also make reservations for team members.

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Make it Easy to Find Coworkers

See when your favorite colleagues will be in the office, find where they will be sitting and book a desk near them.

Rather than messaging or running around looking for team members, you can see your coworkers’ desk reservations directly on the floor plan.

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Ensure a Healthy Environment

Indoor air quality and thermal comfort data is displayed on a digital floor plan so that employees can make informed choices.

Comfort and air quality sensors in the workplace can monitor many aspects of environmental quality, from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to CO2, temperature, humidity, and radon at a localized level.

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Publish Helpful Information

As a workplace manager you can publish workplace news directly to the Workplace app or Kiosk.

For employees, the Workplace app thus becomes the go-to place for company announcements and other workplace-related content (lunch menu, bus schedule, etc).

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Workplace Experience App

Spacewell’s Workplace app uses real-time sensor data to make the flexible workplace as transparent and frictionless as possible.

Using the Workplace app, employees can plan their day ahead, stay up-to-date on who’s coming into the office, and work together more effectively.

The perfect tool to create an empowered worker experience

Workplace Experience is Part of Spacewell Workplace

The Workplace Experience software module plugs into a comprehensive Workplace platform, with 2 more modules.

Workplace Management icon

Workplace Management

Efficient workflows and IoT data for smarter workplace management.

Workplace Analytics icon

Workplace Analytics

The insights you need to create a high-performing workplace.

What Others Say

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“I was surprised by the low occupancy rate while the perception was that we didn’t have enough space. Sensor-based space monitoring demonstrated incorrect use of the flex workplace, rather than a lack of space.”

Sam Dils
Facilities Associate Manager and Health and Safety Lead, Accenture Belgium

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“We gear the building to the staff. We measure the use of the workstations and meeting rooms via IoT.”

Raf Boterdaele
Former Head of Building & Facilities Management, AXA Belgium

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