Navigating Hybrid Work (Memoori)

A Toolkit for Building Successful Strategies

How can your organization successfully navigate the shift to hybrid work? Transitioning to a hybrid model involves complex considerations, from understanding work patterns and formulating evidence-driven policies to best leveraging the benefits of data and technology. This white paper presents a nuanced, adaptable, and transformative framework that empowers organizations to chart a course that aligns with their own unique circumstances. Dedicate just 30 minutes of your time to this hybrid workplace strategy guide, and we promise a wealth of actionable insights. 

Navigating Hybrid Work white paper cover.

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An effective hybrid workplace strategy opens the door to immense possibilities – improved employee satisfaction, attractive and desirable workplaces, and a more dynamic organization, ready for growth. Such a transition is a considerable challenge, however, requiring thoughtful strategy, access to the right tools, metrics, and data, and effective engagement and partnering across the enterprise.

In this white paper, co-authored by Memoori and Spacewell, we pull back the curtain on what it takes to succeed on this transformative journey, revealing both the opportunities and pitfalls of hybrid work.

Hybrid Workplace Strategy – Contents:

  1. Introduction
    • Hybrid Work – An Inconvenient Truce
    • The Office Space Dilemma
    • Charting Your Own Course
    • The Rise of Hybrid
  2. The Challenges of a Transition to Hybrid Work
    • Developing an Appropriate Hybrid Work
    • Navigating the Implementation of Hybrid Models
    • Aligning Objectives & Establishing the Delivery Team
    • Identifying Objectives and Measuring Success
    • Culture, Engagement, and Communication
  3. Key Considerations & Priorities
    • Establishing the “Why”
    • Evaluating External Factors
    • Understanding Work Patterns and Employee Needs
    • Formulating Tailored Hybrid Work Policies
    • Developing Internal Expertise
    • Communications, Adaption & Evolution
    • Physical Workplace Design
  4. Data & Technologies for Effective Hybrid Workplace Strategies
    • Emphasizing Outcomes over Technology
    • Practical Applications
    • Role of Utilization Data
    • Making the Most of Available Datasets
  5. Case Study
  6. Conclusion & Next Steps
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