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Join Our Dynamic Team and Build Your Career at Spacewell

Do you want to be a part of an organization where you can truly be yourself while striving to make buildings work for people and the planet?

Join Our Dynamic Team and Build Your Career at Spacewell

Do you want to be a part of our organization where you can truly be part yourself, while striving to make buildings work for people and the planet.

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Bearded man working on laptop

At Spacewell, you

Will be able to make a difference

Can seize opportunities for professional growth and development

Are encouraged to ask questions and seek advice

Grow by acquiring additional responsibilities when you are ready

Spacewell is a successful software and technology firm with customers across the globe. We are part of the listed Nemetschek Group, a digital transformation pioneer in the AEC/O industry. As one of the leading corporate groups worldwide, Nemetschek covers the entire lifecycle of building and infrastructure projects and guides its customers into the future of digitalization.

We could not have achieved our success without the passion and support of our people, an international pool of professionals who contribute daily to our global business strategy and help Spacewell customers with their skills, insights, and engagement.

At Spacewell, we strongly believe in understanding and developing the unique and complementary talents of our employees. We do not expect our people to be perfect or extraordinary. We do believe they can achieve extraordinary results when they work together and use their talents for the good of the company. That is why we foster a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and team spirit.

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Our Core Values

Accountability And Ownership icon

Accountability & Ownership

We believe in personal accountability, a culture of organizational responsibility, and owning the outcomes and consequences of our actions. Taking ownership means that we hold ourselves accountable for all our operations and our efforts.

We own and learn from our mistakes. That’s how we build trust and create high-performing teams.

Commitment To Excellence icon

Commitment to Excellence

We have a drive to do better.

We’re all in the business of creating value for clients. We don’t settle for mediocrity. We find smart ways to achieve goals faster, challenge the status quo, and help others achieve more.

If there is a better way, we’ll find it.

Diversity And Inclusion icon

Diversity & Inclusion

We embrace diversity & inclusion. Diverse teams have people with different backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, and more.

We believe that diverse teams come up with more creative ideas, find new ways of solving problems, and improve decision-making. We stand for empowerment and involvement where all people and opinions are recognized.

We welcome diversity & inclusion and the different perspectives it brings.

Teamwork icon

Teamwork, Passion, Fun, and Respect

We are team players and reach out to our peers to connect and build.

We believe in the power of collaboration, passion, fun, and sharing a common purpose.

When these go hand in hand, teams can outperform individual efforts and bring more value to each other and Spacewell.

Customer Centricity icon

Customer Centricity

We are passionate about and fight for the success of our customers. Therefore, we are eager to understand their business so that we can deliver the best solutions.

We value our customers, listen closely to their feedback, and are committed to providing great service – quality and timely delivery are essential.

By putting our customers first, we provide a positive experience and build long-term relationships.

Recruitment process

Been through your share of endless, tedious, and non-transparent recruitment processes? At Spacewell we respect you, your time and your need for information.

We start by listening carefully to your ambitions, interests and professional motivations. We take time to understand which work environment and company culture can bring out the best of you.

We ask many questions, but also share detailed and relevant information regarding the job, the key objectives, the department goals and our company strategy.

Through honesty and transparency, we can both assess if there is a perfect fit.

Open positions

Do you share our core values? Are you ready to empower your career at Spacewell? Then take a look at our available job positions and send us your CV. We look forward to hearing from you.

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