Utilizing Green Data: How Technology Can Support Your ESG Agenda (WORKTECH)

Catch the replay of this WORKTECH webinar, “Utilizing Green/ESG Data”, to learn more about the latest trends in this important field.


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The future of our planet relies on the potential for green/ESG data

Companies are coming under increasing pressure to deliver on their ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) agenda. Making real-estate operations more sustainable is not just a leadership or an investor issue. Employees, especially younger workers, want to see their own organization behave responsibly in response to the climate emergency. So, action on sustainability is not just a technical issue – it also affects talent attraction and retention.

Against this background, companies now accept they must develop new strategies to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact in the workplace. But how can they go on the journey to net zero without the data to guide them? And how can they deliver on ESG in a way that achieves operational efficiencies while at the same time enhancing the employee experience?

This webinar addresses important questions such as:

  • How can different silos in the organization come together to act on data for sustainability?
  • How can smart building solutions optimize space, reduce energy use and manage costs?
  • What should companies measure to ensure they build the right sustainability strategy?
  • How can technology enhance the experience for employees with a greener, healthier workplace?

You’ll hear from sustainability, ESG data, and smart building expert speakers including:

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