AZMM innovates hospital cleaning with Spacewell Smart Building solution

State-of-the-art hospital selects Spacewell software for service and workspace management

Antwerp – 14 May 2019. Spacewell announced today that AZ Maria Middelares (AZMM) is implementing its combined FM software and Smart Building offering to streamline and innovate space usage and hospital cleaning services.

Digital Work Assistant

The modern hospital on the outskirts of Ghent will in a first stage digitize planning and allocation of hospital cleaning tasks, making daily work orders available on digital tablets to a team of 100+ cleaners. At log-in, every cleaner will see an overview of their locations and tasks, which dispatchers prepare using an interactive planning board. Spacewell’s Work Assistant app has been built with simplicity in mind, enabling cleaning teams to see very simple pictogram-based work orders highlighted on floor plans. The app clearly indicates which tasks must be performed and where, automatically sorted based on priority.

Live sensor data to drive activity-based hospital cleaning

In a second step, the hospital will transition to activity-based cleaning, based on live data from IoT sensors (powered by Cobundu™). This will enable AZMM to optimize cleaning frequencies of, for example, toilet areas. As well as to trigger cleaning services driven by actual usage, tracked by door and presence sensors.

“Cleanliness is crucial in healthcare settings. Spacewell’s combined operational software and smart building solution enables us to optimize cleaning services and space usage, resulting in higher end-user satisfaction”, said Peter Dierickx, Facility Director at AZMM.

“We’re thrilled to support AZMM in their digital transformation journey, helping them to take the leap into the IoT universe for service and space management”, commented Stefanie De Mesure, Product Manager Smart Building and Facility Management at Spacewell.

Optimizing space efficiency

The hospital will also deploy Spacewell’s Meetings & Reservations solution, that users can conveniently access through a web portal. Furthermore, touchscreens connected to the system enable staff to check availability and book meeting rooms on the spot.

A further step envisaged in terms of space management is to pull occupancy data from the hospital’s existing Building Management System (BMS) into the Spacewell analytics platform.

About AZMM

Since the beginning of 2015, AZMM in Ghent, Belgium, has been housed in a brand-new hospital. Occupying an area of 64,800 m², the new hospital now offers 542 beds and 24 hi-tech intervention rooms. Given that AZMM is a high-performance acute hospital it disposes of an advanced technological infrastructure and the latest medical equipment.

At AZMM, we believe the human factor is key to quality care. More than 1,850 staff members and 185 doctors endeavour every day to provide healthcare with a human face. And we work with them to develop a motivating working environment.

We also strive for strategic partnerships with the aim of measurably improving quality. Because of this ambition and our expertise in state-of-the-art medical technology, AZ Maria Middelares has grown into a hospital with partnerships across national borders.

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About Spacewell

Spacewell is a fast-growing software and technology firm, focused on integrating the entire value chain of real estate, workplace and facility management. To achieve this, the Spacewell offering consists of:

  • Smart building product lines, powered by the COBUNDU™ IoT platform
  • IoT-enabled MCS IWMS, including a range of mobile apps for both FM teams and building occupants
  • Axxerion workflow-based SaaS for property and facility management
  • O-Prognose long-term maintenance planning and budgeting software
  • Advisory services by independent consultants with deep domain expertise in smart working, facility management, maintenance, catering, cleaning, and security/risk management

Operating globally, the company has a broad customer base consisting of Fortune 1000 and midsize businesses across many industry sectors, central and local governments, and FM and real estate services companies.

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