Spacewell wins new Fortune 100 client in the US

New York, April 27, 2020 – Spacewell received an order for workplace utilization monitoring based on its Cobundu smart building platform. The contract was awarded by a US blue-chip company in the healthcare sector. It covers hundreds of height-adjustable desks in multiple buildings and will be implemented in collaboration with LogicData.

Spacewell’s new client is investing in making their workplace environment more attractive and healthier for their employees. One of their projects is to promote a good balance of sitting and standing at work. To facilitate that, the company invested in height-adjustable desks. They want to monitor usage per department and looked at different solutions to do this.

Flexible hardware-agnostic solution

Spacewell proposed a solution together with LogicData, a manufacturer of height-adjustable desk controllers and sensors. With both Spacewell and LogicData being hardware agnostic by nature, this partnership allowed to implement the monitoring solution without having to replace sit-stand desks already in use.

The health risks of sitting too much

Office-based workers spend much of their working day sitting, often for prolonged periods. Evidence shows that these high levels of sitting increase the risk of health issues. But avoiding too much sitting, especially for those who drive to an office-based job, is quite a challenge. What can be done to reduce the damaging effects of extended periods of sitting?

Balance between sitting and standing

The answer is to sit less and move more. Standing or walking meeting are a good idea, with positive effects on both health and productivity. Height-adjustable workstations also help staff make healthier choices as they make it easier to switch between sitting and standing while working at their computers

“Sitting is the new smoking. It is amazing to see how more and more corporations invest in height-adjustable desks and even incentivize their employees based on % of standing up time”, says Steve Morren, Sales Director Americas at Spacewell.

“It’s never been more important to create high-quality working time for staff. We’re very pleased to be working with Spacewell on this project that promotes flexibility and wellbeing in the workplace”, added Jacquelyn Caprathe, New Business Development Manager at LogicData.

About Spacewell

Spacewell, part of the listed Nemetschek Group, is a technology and consulting firm, supporting its clients across the globe to improve the performance of their building portfolios. Our main goal is to make buildings work harder for their users by unlocking the power of building data. We assist our clients to optimize their facility operations and achieve bottom-line savings. And we help them create workplaces that offer the agility, flexibility, and connectivity needed to support new ways of working. Spacewell was founded in 1989 and currently employs over 300 people in 10 locations.

About LogicData

At LogicData, we see what others do not see. We go further where others stop. Our minds are always in motion, our hearts inspired by innovation, our souls committed to the development of products that will change the world.

Since 1997, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the creation of market-leading mechatronic and electronic solutions for adjustable furniture that bring motion to the lives of millions. Our philosophy is truly global, with over 330 employees in Austria, Slovenia, China, Croatia, and the USA working together with one goal: to lift your products to new heights.

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