Spacewell Ambassador Program

We are proud of our clients and believe their stories matter.

Spacewell has many successful clients in numerous fields that use our solutions to make a positive impact. Their stories deserve to be heard! The Ambassador Program enables Spacewell clients to share their experience with fellow companies and with the world at large.

Through the Ambassador Program, we work closely together to ensure that facility management gains traction and you receive the recognition you deserve. This cooperation can take many forms. For more information, please contact your account manager.

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There are several ways to get involved as a reference customer and to share your experience with colleagues and fellow professionals. The Ambassador Program can be flexibly arranged, always with a focus on minimum time investment and maximum success for both parties.


Corporate logo and testimonial

Your company name and brand deserve to be seen. We promote your organization and your logo through various communication channels such as the web, social media, publications and presentations.

Telephone reference

Phone reference

As part of their selection process when choosing suppliers, companies like to learn about the experiences of fellow professionals. As a client, you can provide customer reference in telephone conversations.

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Onsite reference visit

Are you ready to welcome interested companies to your location introducing them to the use of our solutions? In doing so, you will reach the highest level as an ambassador.

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Tailored rewards

As a gesture of appreciation, we will help you and your team become even more successful. For more information, please contact your account manager.

Sucess story

Customer case

Professional content writers and video producers will collaborate with you to showcase the success your company has achieved with our solutions. These materials can be published on our website, in newsletters, blogs, and socials.

Guest speaker

Guest speaker

We organize and participate in high-profile conferences. We will inform you of events where you can be featured as guest speaker, allowing your company to showcase itself and to network with industry peers.

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Customers are the very heart of our company. The Spacewell Ambassador Program offers numerous opportunities and strengthens collaborative relationships.

As a Spacewell ambassador, you are in good company

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Become a Spacewell ambassador?

Are you interested in participating in the Spacewell Ambassador Program? Or perhaps you need more information first?

Please contact your Spacewell account manager or click on the button below.

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