What Are the Key Advantages of Space Management Software?

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Why should you consider adopting space management software? This is a question that more and more companies are asking themselves, and which reflects both the contemporary evolution of working methods and the benefits of new software that has been developed in recent years.

To fully understand the benefits of workplace management software or space management software in general, it is necessary to understand the new ways of working and the characteristics of the different software currently available on the market.

These solutions, which are more complete than a simple office management tool or room reservation software, adapt to the new use cases to promote both the well-being and engagement of employees as well as the profitability of the company.

The new ways of working

Flex office, WFH, smart office, digital workplace… New ways of working are developing in a growing number of companies. This phenomenon, accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, has taken on a major dimension.

Reasons for these changes

The rise of new working methods is driven by several current trends. On the one hand, it responds to the expectations of a new generation of employees seeking flexibility both in time and space. On the other hand, technological evolutions make remote working easier with less impact on the company’s smooth running. Finally, it often coincides with the needs of companies to reduce their operating costs and to retain their employees by adapting to their preferences.

Why do companies have an interest in supporting these changes?

Some companies are hesitating to fully embrace these new ways of work organization, which is, in most cases, a strategic mistake.

Cutting costs

In most cases, adopting new ways of working can reduce real estate costs. By promoting remote working or hybrid offices, a company can substantially cut its workplace costs, for example by reducing the amount of workspace or by sharing space with other companies.

Meeting employee expectations

These new working methods correspond to the expectations of most employees. They are looking for more flexibility than before and in particular the possibility of adapting their working hours and location to the needs of their personal life while keeping their professional life intact.

Attracting talent

Many companies are currently experiencing recruitment difficulties, and some are struggling to retain their employees. By opening to innovative ways of working, your company can successfully attract the talent it is looking for and limit turnover.

Encouraging productivity

Contrary to popular belief, new ways of working such as WFH generally lead to higher productivity. This is mainly due to the shorter commuting time and the ability for employees to concentrate better.

Nonetheless, merely accepting, adopting, or encouraging these new ways of working is not sufficient to reap all the expected benefits. You need to organize yourself accordingly and above all implement the necessary tools, such as space management software.

Why do you need space management software?

The use of space management software has many advantages for companies that, in one way or another, aim to optimize their business premises.

Space reconfiguration to suit your needs

With space management software, you can identify the occupancy patterns and preferred work areas of the people using these spaces, usually employees. By relying on the data collected by occupancy and headcount sensors, you can leverage this information to organize a workspace that is optimized and most suitable for its users, promoting their well-being and therefore their engagement.

Reduce the costs of real estate assets

By collecting and analyzing data on occupancy trends through space management software, you can understand how occupancy patterns change over time. This will allow you to adjust your office footprint and space provisioning to actual occupancy needs, thereby lowering real estate costs.

Improve efficiency and engagement

Reservation software for space management is a helpful instrument to create a better environment for your employees. This type of software allows for the easy reservation of a room or workstation, for example. As employees benefit from greater flexibility to adapt the workspaces to their needs, their motivation and performance increase.

Laptop with space utilization software

Implementing smart services

Using space management software allows you to better plan and adapt technical support services to the actual needs of the building and its spaces. In effect, you gain insight into the occupancy and usage of meeting rooms, offices, and other spaces. If a room has not been used at all during the day, for example, there is no need to call on cleaning staff. As a result, you can reduce your operating costs thanks to these smart services.

Managing a real estate portfolio

Space management software allows you to browse all locations in a tree structure. This way, you can visualize the current, historical, and future use of the space and optimize your costs and investments.

Equipment monitoring

Space management software also allows you to track all related equipment. You can keep up-to-date visibility on equipment inventories, map all equipment on floor plans (including drag-and-drop), and assign equipment to specific locations or users.

Space management software is an essential tool to ensure that both the company and its employees will benefit from the implementation of new working methods. It keeps flexibility in the office, meeting room, and other workspace usages from leading to overall disorganization and ultimately proving counterproductive.

For organizations already in operation, the implementation of this type of software is perfectly feasible. For companies that are just starting, it will be even more beneficial. It is therefore essential to consider this option when planning to move to a new location.

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