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2022 Ace of Space event Antwerp, Belgium

Corporate event for FM, real estate and workplace professionals. Admission is free after registration.

Why should you attend?

  • You are a facilities and workplace leader looking to broaden your horizons, learn about key trends and challenges for the profession and gain insights on how to tackle them
  • You want to stay up to date with the exciting new capabilities offered by integrated software and IoT-related technology. Attendees will have ample opportunity to meet face-to-face with our product specialists, ask questions and see live demos


28-04-2022 3:30 pm
04-04-2023 9:30 pm



Wandeldijk 32, 2050 Antwerpen, Belgium

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to update your knowledge and network with your peers.


Part 1: Solution Demos

15.30 Meet the Experts
16:45 Coffee & refreshments
17:00 End of part 1

Part 2: Main Stage

17:00 Welcome Address Spacewell CEO
17:10 Vitality and Workplace – Margreet de Kok
17.35 The Link Between Product/Service systems and Circularity – Michael Peeters
18.00 Energy Efficiency & Carbon Neutrality, Quick Wins and Long-Term Strategy – Caroline Grisel & Boris Juguin
18.25 The challenge for FM of Agile Workplaces – Marc Van Horenbeeck
18.50 Why Healthy Work Is SMART – Elizabeth Nelson
19:15 End of part 2

Part 3:

19:15 Buffet Dinner & Networking
21:30 End

Our Speakers

Dr. Margreet de Kok

Dr. Margreet de Kok

Senior scientist / Project leader TNO / Holst Centre, High Tech Campus

After graduating with a PhD in organic chemistry, Dr. Margreet de Kok started her career at Philips Research working on new materials and applications of organic LEDs for light and health. For the last 12 years, she has been working at TNO / Holst Centre in Eindhoven as a senior scientist and project leader in the field of integration of flexible electronics for various applications, including health. She is involved in the Workplace Vitality Hub to ensure the content of TNO’s contribution. “Vitality is the most relevant theme of our lives.” In her presentation, Margreet will outline how the team at the Workplace Vitality Hub (High Tech Campus Eindhoven) promotes vitality in the office with smart technological solutions – and what challenges they encounter.

Michael Peeters

Michael Peeters

Smart Building Expert, LAMMP

Michael is the founder of LAMMP, the first circular real estate service company in Belgium. Michael’s background is in electronics engineering – with a focus on microelectronics.  From the start of his career, Michael has been working on the energy optimization of buildings, both as an energy manager and as a consultant in energy optimization projects, data science and data modeling, the evolution of which he helped shape. Besides being active in, and, Michael is also a lecturer and researcher at AP University College Antwerp. There he teaches Smart Energy Management and Big Data Analytics and leads the Smart Asset Management research group. Recently Michael obtained his PhD in Applied Economics with a research project on the impact of smart technology on the value of real estate. In his presentation Michael will briefly discuss the various circular business models in relation to product/service systems and how digitization in buildings can add value.

Caroline Grisel and Boris Juguin

Caroline Grisel and Boris Juguin

Dexma Energy Intelligenc

Caroline and Boris are both part of Dexma, offering energy intelligence software solutions, acquired by Spacewell in 2021.
Caroline has a background in international relations, and then specialized in the sustainability and energy sector. Boris recently joined Dexma, after prior experiences in IT consulting, in coaching, and in blockchain & electric mobility startups with the same sustainability ideals in mind.
Together, they assist organizations to optimize their energy consumption and take actions on climate change with a focus on the French & BeNelux market.

Marc Van Horenbeeck

Marc Van Horenbeeck

Asset Manager, Brussels Airport Company

A good facility manager is like a chameleon, always adapting to new evolutions, technologies, skills, and knowledge. So it’s hardly surprising that as president of belfa (Belgian Facility Association), Marc Van Horenbeeck has a very broad professional baggage. With a background in electro mechanics (graduated in 2000), he learned the ropes with some of the biggest industrial players in Belgium (Equans, Daikin, Volvo). In 2007 he joined Brussels Airport Company where he has since taken up several roles and functions at management level, always in facilities. One of the projects that he oversaw was the reconstruction of the terminals after the 2016 terrorist attacks. A job he and his team took deeply to heart and that resulted in the IFMA Facility Award for best project of the year 2017. Last year the name of the IFMA Belgian Chapter changed to belfa, a transformation initiated by Van Horenbeeck. In March belfa will celebrate its first birthday with a president that is very proud to chair a 100% independent Belgian professional association for and by more than 6.000 facility professionals.

Elizabeth C. Nelson

Elizabeth C. Nelson

Disruptor, Writer, Scientist, Smart Building Certification

The author of ‘The Healthy Office Revolution’, Elizabeth C. Nelson is a researcher, writer, and disruptor. Named one of Futureproof’s Top 10 Women, Elizabeth has made a name for herself challenging the norm. Her PhD in biomedical engineering focuses on our complex relationship with technology and a better way of living and working. Her unconventional keynotes discuss everything from sex and drugs to happy hormones and designing spaces for each unique individual. Now the Co-Founder of Smart Building Certification, Elizabeth is bringing together a diverse group of experts to help move the evolution of smart buildings forward. Smart has the ability to help develop creative solutions from data to make our buildings more functional, sustainable, cost-effective and healthier – more collaborative spaces for the people inside.

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