The Smart Building Guide (Erik Ubels et al.)

How to Enhance the Value of Your Existing Buildings

What is a smart building? It’s a question we get asked often. But the better question is: What do you want a smart building for?

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In this eBook, Erik Ubels shares a pragmatic approach to making buildings smart, which can be done step by step, but always with an eye on the end goal.

A former Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Deloitte, Erik Ubels is widely known as the visionary who turned a dream into the reality of The Edge in Amsterdam, the first fully converged intelligent building in the world. Now forging a new path as an independent consultant, Erik contributed his vast experience and in-depth knowledge to this insightful and helpful eBook.

Your Guide to Smart Buildings

This guide takes you through all of the most relevant intelligent building use cases. Whether you want to focus first on energy efficiency, data-driven space optimization, workplace well-being & productivity, or other scenarios still. Because an intelligent building is first and foremost about purpose: the things you want to improve, facilitate, or enable for the people using the building. It outlines how to get started and how you can bring your building into the future in stages rather than taking on everything at once. And it looks at the different stakeholders and how they can benefit from connected buildings. Finally, it also takes a look at the evolution of green and healthy building certifications and the recent emergence of several SBCs (Smart Building Certifications).

eBook: Contents

    What Is a Smart Building?
  • USE CASES: Why Intelligent Buildings?
    Begin With the End in Mind
  • Who Benefits?
  • Building Certifications
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