What Happens Now to Office Space? (Trend Report)

A WORKTECH Academy Trend Report – Q1 2023

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The first quarter of 2023 has seen many organizations invest in rethinking and redesigning their workplace assets. Questions remain, however, as to the direction and purpose of office space in the hybrid era. And as to their role in a widening ecosystem of work. WORKTECH Academy’s Q1 2023 Trend Report looks at four conceptual models for developing office buildings in the hybrid era. This report, prepared for Spacewell, is free for you to download.

WORKTECH Academy’s engaging trend report identifies four conceptual hybrid workplace models or archetypes for the new office and brings them to life with practical examples and research.

4 hybrid workplace models for the future

Magnet – The Social Hub: Strongly oriented to face-to-face social interaction and collaboration, this model offers a customer service mentality and an alluring range of amenities.

Matrix – Node in the Network: This model blends bricks with bytes to position the office as a gateway to a parallel world of digital services and systems.

Mutual – The Shared Experience: Sustainable, inclusive, and socially responsible, this model is based on building and maintaining reciprocal relationships with the outside world.

Mentor – Developmental Space:  This model melds together a focus on learning, mentoring, and creativity with a commitment to improving the mental well-being of all employees.

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Purpose-driven workplace

These are by no means mutually exclusive options for occupiers, developers, and designers to consider. In practice, most workplace schemes will seek to incorporate at least two or more of them in a single building or campus plan. However, discussing each model in isolation reveals the essence of its particular purpose.

By understanding these models, occupiers, developers, and designers can create solutions tailored to the core purpose and objectives of their organization. With the right mix of hybrid workplace models, they can be confident that the workplace will help them achieve their goals, provide a better work experience, and ultimately create lasting value.

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