D&B The Facility Group

D&B The Facility Group is an integrated facility service provider employing over 800 people. D&B already has most of the larger, day-to-day facility services in-house. It focuses chiefly on corporate offices and high-end multi-tenant properties.

How D&B The Facility Group uses Axxerion

Axxerion is used for clients who do not have their own FMIS. The app is used to register visitors, reserve meeting facilities and send notifications to the service desks. The financial module is used in the company’s internal organization, for conducting financial accounts, inputting budgets and purchase orders. The corresponding invoices from suppliers are digitized and readied for payment.

Why D&B The Facility Group chose Axxerion

Both D&B and its clients wish to know what is going on within their companies in order to be able to anticipate XXXX. The real-time monitoring process and transparency are important factors. As Axxerion is user-friendly, third parties can easily connect up to it.

We don’t want to be the biggest service provider in the market, we want to be the best. From this perspective, we are always on the lookout for alliances with companies with the same philosophy. Axxerion matches perfectly within this picture.

Edo den Hertog

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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