How Facilicom Group uses Spacewell IWMS software

Facilicom Group is a family firm founded 50 years ago. Facilicom specializes in providing facility services. With over 32,000 employees, we operate in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and Ireland and are among the top 50 employers in the Netherlands.

How Facilicom Group uses Spacewell IWMS software

Facilicom uses Axxerion as IWMS for its customers. The inventory, notifications and reservations modules are used the most. Axxerion is also used to manage and monitor Public-Private Partnership projects. There are now dozens of companies that work indirectly with Axxerion.

Why Facilicom Group chose Spacewell

Facilicom sought additional software to guarantee and manage its processes and tasks relating to main contracting. The uniformity of the software means that Facilicom can quickly implement IWMS for its customers. This also means that our employees can be deployed flexibly. Facilicom always seeks the most innovative solution in the market. The alliance is not obvious, but thanks to many years of working together and a desire for innovation we still enjoy an excellent alliance.

The history of Facilicom and Axxerion generates positive energy and great results.

Rogier Verbeek

Customer & Market Director

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