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Office Space Optimization Software

Right-size your office for hybrid work!

Run different space-saving simulations and get a clear idea of your potential financial savings with our space optimization dashboard, which combines your occupancy data with best-practice benchmarking data.

Why Office Space Optimization Software?

Why Office Space Optimization Software?

Turn Real-Time Workplace Data into Savings

Our space optimization software provides data-driven insights to make your workspaces more space-efficient and cost-effective. In addition to calculating savings linked to the resizing of your portfolio, you can also accurately simulate how to optimize the use of existing spaces by accommodating more people.

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Accurate Data

Reliably collect space occupancy data through certified sensors.

Multiple Scenarios

Run different scenarios and evaluate their savings potential.


Get expert advice tailored to your organization on how to optimize your space.

Space optimiuzation software on laptop

Seize the opportunity

Opportunity Simulator supports real estate and workplace leaders to reduce portfolio costs. It provides insight into vacancy and excess space and reveals opportunities to optimize the post-pandemic office footprint and configuration. This unique dashboard enables you to maximize space efficiency, while also improving the employee experience by creating the right mix of workstations, collaboration spaces, and concentration spaces.

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