Q-Park – car park management

Q-Park chooses integrated myMCS software solution video proview


  • Location: Norway
  • Sites: 300+
  • Parking spots: 158,800
  • Tickets per month: 26,000

Scenario: car park management

Reactive and preventive maintenance management. Service tickets and work order management. Analytics and KPI reporting.


Q-Park is one of Europe’s leading car park management companies, running purpose-built and off-street parking facilities at targeted locations such as inner-city areas, public transport interchanges, and hospitals. The company needs efficient resource planning to guarantee continuity of service delivery in very diverse locations.


Integrated facilities software (CAFM/IWMS) that runs on a central database of spaces, assets, and operations. The software offers the flexibility needed for efficient car park management. It is easily configurable by Q-Park staff and gives technicians in-field capabilities to manage their work on the go from a smartphone or tablet.


Time saving across the organization & better collaboration between dispatch, maintenance managers and technicians in the field. KPI reporting allows informed decision making by the management team (e.g. insight into the number of interventions per location/type of installation and tracking of subcontractor activities: volume, reaction times, SLA compliance).

Thomas Silde

We feel it has really improved our day-to-day business.

Thomas Silde

Customer Service Manager, Q-Park Norway

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