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Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Monitor indoor air quality with IoT sensors and adjust the building ventilation to provide a healthier, safer workplace environment — and to prevent the negative consequences associated with indoor air pollution.

Why indoor air quality matters

Why indoor air quality matters

Clean air is critical to our health. Did you know that air pollution is the number one environmental cause of premature mortality, contributing to 7 million premature deaths worldwide? We breathe more than 15,000 liters of air every day, 90% of it indoors. Indoor air quality is negatively impacted by outside pollution, outgassing of VOC emissions, indoor combustion sources, and pathogens. Therefore, with poor ventilation, we are exposed to airborne threats. This contributes to a range of negative health outcomes such as migraines, allergies, and respiratory problems while also undermining our concentration levels and productivity.

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Air quality data displayed on digital floor plans

Dynamic dashboards for unparalleled insights

The best certified sensors available on the market

Open REST APIs to connect to other applications

Air quality

IoT indoor air quality monitor

By monitoring the indoor air quality in individual rooms and spaces, building managers can understand which areas have poor ambient conditions or an increased risk of airborne virus transmission. We continuously measure variables such as room temperature, relative humidity, and air quality (CO2 concentration, VOCs), and visualize thermal comfort data on floor plans.

Viral Risk Prevention

Viral risk prevention

We do not directly measure nor detect viruses in the air. Instead, the combination of factors such as temperature, CO2 and relative humidity provides essential information on safety and comfort of workspaces. The data also provides an indication on how to manage and reduce your risk, such as increasing or changing ventilation systems or setting occupancy limits on specific rooms.

Viral Risk Prevention
Apps for employees

Apps that support workplace wellbeing

The air quality data is natively embedded in the apps, providing real-time data to support employees in their daily work. Employees can find and book spaces based on comfort preferences and avoid spaces with unhealthy air quality.


Unparalleled data insights

The dashboards give a dynamic view of the full data. Whenever you change a single parameter, the whole dashboard adapts dynamically. This makes it easy to look at your real estate from a bird-eye’s view and then zoom in to a more granular level until you get at the detail you need.


The best IoT sensors for your use case

Spacewell is sensor & BMS vendor neutral. We guarantee only the best selection of certified sensors/BMS connectors and constantly certify sensor vendors and data platforms based on a strict certification program.


Integrates with your workplace tools

Would you rather analyze the data from your IoT indoor air quality monitor with your own analytics tools, no problem! Easily export the processed and clean data for any selected period and location to a reporting tool of your choice. Would you like to build your own services on our platform? No problem either. Simply log in as a developer and get access to our wide-open REST APIs.

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