CPIP, the next generation of IWMS software – enabling transformative workplace management

Independent consulting firm Verdantix has published a report introducing the concept of Connected Portfolio Intelligence Platform (CPIP), a new IoT-enabled software category for real estate and building optimization. In this report, Verdantix establishes CPIPs as the next generation of IWMS systems,  delivering enhanced customer value through insights derived from the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics. Verdantix defines CPIP as:

Verdantix market insight may 2022 front cover

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“Cloud-connected platforms that help firms enhance the performance of buildings across portfolio management, operations and employee experience. These platforms intelligently combine data from building systems, smart building devices and IoT sensors with advanced analytics, such as AI and ML.”

CPIP from a Spacewell perspective

Spacewell anticipated this evolution years ago when – as a leading IWMS vendor – it started developing its hardware-independent IoT platform for Smart Buildings (then called Cobundu). Today, Spacewell is one of the select few market players named a Leader in both IWMS and IoT platform solutions in Verdantix’ 2022 GQ benchmark studies. Although we recognize the power of each solution individually, it’s by integrating them that we radically elevate the performance of both systems.

Verdantix Green Quadrant 2022 - Spacewell a Leader in IWMS and IoT Platforms for Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings technologies can generate troves of real-time data about space usage and environmental factors. While analysis and visualization provide insights for improvement that are valuable in themselves, their value increases dramatically when these insights are made actionable through workflow-based process automation. Based on this understanding, Spacewell recently rebranded its combined offering under the name Spacewell Workplace, with modules addressing Workplace Management, Analytics, and Experience. The rebranding attests to our commitment to creating high-performance workplaces by making IWMS smarter, more mobile, and more connected. In other words, by evolving toward a Connected Portfolio Intelligence Platform.

CPIP key components

Spacewell current offerings with a strategic focus on cloud-first IoT-enabled Workplace and Energy Intelligence platforms reflect the key components of CPIPs as described by Verdantix:

  • Broad suite of modules
  • Real-time data input from sensors, building equipment and existing systems
  • Integrations across third-party and best-of-breed solutions
  • Consistent user interfaces across modules and devices
  • Advanced analytics and data visualization tools across multiple modules

To read more about the evolution of IWMS and the rationale for CPIP, download your complimentary copy of the Verdantix report

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