The Facility Manager’s Guide to Using Data in the Hybrid Workplace

From Guessing to Knowing

The Facility Manager’s Guide to Using Data in the Hybrid Workplace

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Hybrid Workplace Challenges

A hybrid workplace refers to an office concept that enables employees to work both in the physical office and remotely. Hybrid working isn’t new, but its popularity has been turbocharged by the pandemic and the subsequent massive remote work experiment. While employees want it, this new flexible work model also creates new challenges for real estate and workplace leaders.

In a hybrid office setup, occupancy becomes less predictable. It also tends to vary more widely during the week. Under these circumstances, smart workplace technologies – and the data derived from them – provide much-needed support.

Hybrid Workplace Technology Solutions

Smart workplace solutions (comprising software and technology, data & analytics) can help FM & workplace teams implement a successful hybrid workplace. One that works for people as well as profits the business. Beyond the obvious challenge of determining how much office space is still needed, another essential question to answer is what kind of space employees will require so that they can make the most of their in-office experience. Hybrid workplace technology, data, and analytics support businesses to effectively shift from pandemic workplace disruption to post-pandemic flexibility and resilience:

  • They help organizations quickly identify and adapt to new work patterns
  • They help employees navigate the flexible workplace environment thanks to IoT real-time data
  • They inform hybrid workplace (re)design strategies, enabling companies to create workspaces that support people’s well-being as well as their productivity

Table of Contents

Tde Hybrid Workplace: a New Challenge for Corporate Real estate 4
Technology  Support 5
Managing space 6
Employee experience 6
Key Objectives 7
Enabling workplace flexibility 8
Optimizing office footprint 9
Optimizing office space configuration 10
Ensuring Good Indoor Air Quality 11
Supporting hybrid office dynamism 12
Why Invest in Smart Workplace Solutions Now? 13
Meet Spacewell 14
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