The Intelligent Connected Workplace

Leveraging a Connected Intelligence Platform to Optimize Workplace Experience & Management

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The dislocations to workplace produced first by the rise of coworking spaces and even more dramatically by the extensive pandemic-induced shift towards remote working have profoundly changed the office real estate landscape. Following the massive remote work experiment caused by the pandemic, most employees now want the option to work from home at least part of the time. As a result, real estate teams around the world are confronting enormous uncertainties around building occupancy, new usage patterns, and changing employee expectations.

The Hybrid Workplace Model

Many companies are assessing the implications of a ‘hybrid workplace’ as a long-term option. They are increasingly shifting to flexible seating arrangements and are reconfiguring their workspaces to accommodate new ways of working. In doing so, they need insight into how much space is still needed and what types of space and amenities they should provide going forward. To make decisions with confidence, organizations can no longer rely on disparate, incomplete, and disconnected utilization data. They need more granular and connected data, advanced analytics, and powerful data visualization tools.

Across the industry, there is a recognition of the transformative power of increased connectivity and analytics from the IoT to tackle the complexities of a ‘hybrid workplace.’

The Intelligent Connected Workplace: Table of Contents

  • Workplace change and the challenge for building management
  • Connected Portfolio Intelligence Platform (CPIP): The Next Era of IWMS
  • Leveraging an intelligence platform to optimize the workplace
  • Top 5 most impactful use cases
    1. Monitoring occupancy & utilization, and aligning space with purpose
    2. Indoor air quality and health monitoring
    3. Real-time workplace guidance
    4. Comfort and energy-efficiency
    5. Efficient services
  • The value proposition of a connected workplace platform
    • Streamlining benefits
    • Innovation benefits
    • Resilience benefits
  • CPIP in a disrupted world
  • Spacewell and CPIP

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