IWMS+ Smart Facility Services: Aligning Service Provision with Utilization

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As noted last week, there are numerous ways in which facility service providers can benefit from augmenting an IWMS with real-time building data. Both smart cleaning and maintenance can become more targeted in their use of resources while also providing more responsive service. The same is true for tenant-facing services like catering or even AV … Read more

Successful IWMS+ Software Implementation: Building Internal Support

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Along with its disruptions to the workplace, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised the profile of facilities and real estate in the overall business portfolio. In many companies, COVID-19 taskforces have introduced new departments into workplace decision-making. On the one hand, this means that there are potentially more gatekeepers to investing in new workplace solutions, but … Read more

IWMS+ Software Implementation Challenges: Choosing the Right Solution

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Although an IWMS+ is a relatively new technology that takes advantage of significant advancements in the cost and quality of sensors, it is built on a very mature technology, the integrated workplace management system (IWMS). This presents software implementation challenges as well as opportunities. Marrying the Old and the New One of the implementation challenges … Read more

Smart Comfort Monitoring: Turning Data into Action (IWMS+ Series)

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One consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a surge in interest in air quality and comfort monitoring. With employees worried about possible viral exposure in the office, better understanding and communication about environmental conditions is becoming a key part of reassurance strategies. Likewise, many companies are investing in improvements in HVAC and filtering systems … Read more

IWMS+ Smart Workspace Management: Making Agile Work Better

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In last week’s blog post, we discussed the power of sensor data to unlock new room reservation features in a traditional IWMS. However, reservation systems – along with well-designed user touchpoints – are not just helpful for managing conference and meeting rooms. They are essential for making agile workplaces function effectively. As with room reservations … Read more

IWMS+ Smart Meeting Room Reservations: Beyond Space and Time

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In its simplest form, a meeting room reservation system allows building users to select a given space and block it off for individual or group use for a certain amount of time. There are any number of ways this basic formula can be modified, often without the need to integrate sensors. Some sought-after features in … Read more

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